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Christians Prefer the Fear of God to the Love of God

    Fearing God's Love
    image used from Why Do We Fear the Joy of the Lord?

    I had a dream the other night that I thought interesting enough to share. I was in a mall and overheard a older lady working the jewelry counter talking to a friend about what she felt God was saying to her. I asked her if she would mind if I explained it. She said it would be fine, but as I walked to her she put her head down as in shame. I put my hands on her face and gently lifted them up where I could look at her face.

    Realizing what I was doing, I half-laughed and asked if it was okay if I touched her but slowly removed my hands. That’s when I started in what felt like an exhortation from the depths of my being. During which this lady and I were suddenly in an open field joined by a large crowd. This is what I said:

    “It is so important for you to know that God loves you. His heart is for you. You are His special one. Too many of us are more comfortable with the fear of God than the love of God. We know how to respond to the fear. We prefer to avoid God and try to fly under His radar.

    “We don’t know what to do with His love. Image if we have a pet that is sick… No, image if you mom or dad is sick. You pray for them. You ask God for healing. (At this point in the dream I start weeping.) What if they do not get well? What if they do die? What do you then do with the love of God?”

    At this point I realize that I am alone in the field, and I walk off making a comment that I was tired anyhow.

    Dreams can be very unusual, so why did I feel the need to share this one with you? I feel that my passion message was being highlighted. The passion on my heart is that people experience the love of God for them. God has given me a love for people and a desire for them to remove the barriers that are keeping them from God’s love.

    As I said in the dream, too many people prefer the fear of God to the love of God. While I hadn’t thought of this before, I do believe this is how people choose to live their lives. They may speak of God’s love, but they prefer to distance themself from Him experientially out of fear. What people say they believe and what they really believe are two different things. If we can get Christians to mesh these two together, the Gospel would be powerfully displayed through each believer.

    Are you including God in your everyday thoughts and decisions? Do you enjoy letting your mind wander in thoughts about His love for you? Or, do you rarely incorporate God into your life? Do you thank Him for your joys? Do you ask Him to interpret life’s difficulties? Are you only thoughts about God regarding theology and not relationship?

    There is no condemnation, but maybe these questions made you realize that you are not walking in His love. Ask Him for a new personal revelation of His love for you.

    • What are some of the things that you feel your dreams are telling you?
    • How do you keep the love of Christ in front of you?

    1 thought on “Christians Prefer the Fear of God to the Love of God”

    1. Amazing thought! There is always a war between worldliness and spirituality. The relationship with God and the relationship with this world always fight with each other. It is easy to live with the relationship of God and in his love. His love covers all sin. The love with this world is a bondage. Absolute slavery..

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