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3 Biblical Steps to Get Yourself Out of Despair

3 Steps to Get Yourself Out of Despair

David gave us an example in Psalm 86 of how to get yourself our of despair. We don’t know the specific event, but we know people are trying to kill him.

God Wants to Hide You From Evil

God Wants to Hide You From Evil

When you go into the secret place, you are hidden. You are actually hidden from evil in the tabernacle of the Lord. We must go into that secret place.

Fear is a Powerful Motivator

Fear may bring quick results, but it will always leave a foothold for the enemy. God motivates us with love. He wants us to experience every good thing.

The Gift of Weakness

Gideon’s Wonderful Weakness

As you give yourself to God, your weakness becomes your greatest strength. God promises to be strong in our weakness, as we look to him with trust & faith.


Anticipating Good Things

To know God intimately is to be full of hope for a bright future and full of faith to see it realized. It is the death of fear as a motivation in your life.

How Come Nobody Wanted Me?

How Come Nobody Wanted Me?

As kids we are too young to properly interpret our world. Without direction we are bound to get it wrong. My interpretation of my world was I was unwanted.

Speak God-Im Listening

Speak God. I’m Listening.

Instead of just being with God, I’ve been trying to get Him to talk. My worries have created a filter to what I want from God. Maybe He just wants me?

Emergency Prayers

4 Things to Pray in an Emergency

Emergencies happen in life. Step into these situations with faith and not fear. Here are 4 things to pray in an emergency to help change the outcome:

5 Characteristics of Those Who Live in God's Presence

Who May Live in God’s Presence?

God wants us with Him, and in Psalm 15 He has left us with a short list of characteristics of those who get to live in God’s presence.


Embrace the Mistakes

God removed the shame of sin so we may be free. Free to move past our mistakes. Free to focus on what God wants us to focus on… our relationship with Him.

How Do You Read Events

How Do You Read Events in Your Life?

My wife calls me up to tell me what just happened. We were step away from losing our daughter, a step away from having our lives drastically changed.