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2 Ways to have daily declarations

2 Ways to Have Daily Declarations

Take these ways to have daily declarations and daily implement them. They will help you hold to God’s truths to find freedom and get breakthrough.


5 Reasons to Have Daily Declarations

If you start the habit of incorporating daily declarations into your prayer life, you will see dramatic changes. Here are the five reasons why:

What is Holiness

What is Holiness?

Holiness is often related to being without sin. That’s not holiness; that’s righteousness and it is by faith not refraining from sin. Then what is holiness?

God Wants to Give You Life

God Wants to Give You Life

It’s in the secret place that we were made. From conception to birth, it’s all a parable of our relationship with God. The secret place gives us life.

God Wants to Dwell With You

God Wants to Dwell With You

From the beginning, the heart of God has been to dwell with man, and He created a secret place in the garden. He created that place for us to be with Him.

Hebrews Bible Study

Hebrews Bible Study

This Hebrews Bible study can be used individually or as a group study. Hebrews will be our focus; this study will be a tour guide to enhance the journey.

Blue Like Jazz Review

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

Blues Like Jazz by Donald Miller is peppered with quotes that will draw you more to God and others. If you avoid being offended, you might like this book.

What Radical Faith Looks Like

What Radical Faith Looks Like

People lose faith when God leads us differently than we expected. We are called to pursue the word of God in every situation. This leads to radical faith.

Upgrade Your Prayer

Time to Upgrade Your Prayers

Prayer is much more than reciting a list. Prayer is an act of dependance on our Master who’s leading us on an adventure. It’s time to upgrade your prayers.

tools to help you pray

6 Tools to Help You Pray

I want to see you succeed in your desire to grow in prayer. Here is a list of 6 tools to help you pray. Let me know if there are any you think I missed.

Christmas Time Hurry Up

God is With Us

With all the added commercialism, there is still the heart of Christmas: Emmanuel – God is with us. May this encourage you this season.