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Hell is a warning for christians

Hell is a Warning For Christians

People who die without Jesus will have made a terribly bad choice, but hell is a warning for Christians. It should compel us to tell of God’s love. Related Post There is Still Good in Them How Much Should We Love? Do Not Judge – God Has More For You The Greatest Enemy of Love

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Christians Embrace Halloween

Should Christians Embrace Halloween?

Some Christians condemn Halloween, some create a family-friendly harvest festival, and others will embrace Halloween completely. How should you navigate it? Related Post Where is the Great Joy? What is Holiness? God’s Way is Joy 4 Easy Steps to Make This Year Amazing

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Powerful Caregiver Review

How to Maintain Your Power While Caring For Others

You are making a positive change, and these tools will give you confidence in your area of service. Find out more about the Academy of Powerful Caregivers. Related Post The Problem With Christian Business Books Shame Off You – Alan Wright Hebrews Bible Study The Extravagant Fool by Kevin Adams

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Religious About Worship

4 Clues You May Be Religious About Worship

True worship is often misunderstood among the religious. Here are four clues from the Bible that show if you may be religious about worship: Related Post God Wants to Give You Life Clinging to Jesus Removing The Burden of Trying to Prove Your Love Amp Up Your Christian Life

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Draw People More of God

Your Life Is To Draw People To More of God

What our stories with God do is raise the expectations for what is possible to those who hear them. Your life is to draw people to more of God. Related Post You Are Made Beautiful Your Dreams Keep You in the Game You Can Take Risks When You Know You’re Acce… What is the Lord […]

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Confidence Approaching God

This Is The Confidence We Have In Approaching God

What is confidence in prayer? Is it making God do what we want? Instinctively, we know this isn’t it, but what is confidence we have in approaching to God? Related Post Christians Prefer the Fear of God to the Love of G… Can God Be Disappointed in You? God Passionately Loves You I Don’t Want […]

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Sow and Harvest

You Will Reap What You Sow!

Sowing and reaping used to be a fearful harvest of any evil I did. But we have a good father who is looking for any good in us to reward. Can this be true? Related Post 7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life Do You Believe You Will Be Blessed? A Fresh Infusion of Truth […]

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If It's your will

Jesus Didn’t Add “If It’s God’s Will” To His Prayers

Let’s stop adding “if it’s Your will” to our prayers. It’s sapping our faith. Jesus was not questioning whether it was God’s will: He was… Related Post Taste Again that the Lord is Good 2 Ways to Have Daily Declarations 5 Reasons to Have Daily Declarations How Do We Know What Jesus Prayed At Gethsemane?

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Challenge Life Faith

The Challenges of the Life of Faith

The challenges of the life of faith is real. I’m not trying to elevate my experience, however, I hope to encourage you to press on in your life of faith. Related Post Seek God for Healing An Anchor for the Soul How to Succeed in the Wilderness Praying With Children

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Endowed You Splendor

God Has Endowed You With Splendor

Sure God has endowed Jesus with splendor, but does He want to endow each of us? This is personal journey, but the challenge can change your life. Related Post You Are Better Than You Think Preach the Message You Were Given What Do You Have to Say for Yourself? Are We Unintentionally Encouraging People to […]

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Make This Year Amazing

4 Easy Steps to Make This Year Amazing

God wants to make this coming year the best one yet. We’re powerful in determining what type of year that will be. Here are 4 steps to make it amazing. Related Post Why is Coming to Jesus With Our Problem So Hard Ri… Hell is a Warning For Christians Too Many Christians Are Afraid to […]

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Where is the Great Joy

Where is the Great Joy?

The angels declared great joy for all the people, but shortly afterward great pain entered the region Jesus came. Where is the great joy that was promised? Related Post What is Holiness? A Shocking Fact About Non-Christians How Do You Understand Freedom in Christ? Why Grace is More Than Unmerited Favor

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