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5 Things to Remember Daily

5 Things to Remember Daily

    Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of what God says is true. Read through this list and choose to believe them over whatever you may feel is true.

    You are not alone

    You are Not Alone

      In our need to have Him answer, we often feel we are alone and separated from Him. This hinders our prayers and adds to our anxiety in our time of need.

      Abundant Living by Kevin Shorter

      Abundant Living by Kevin Shorter

        I have written Abundant Living for people to experience more of God’s joy over them. He has such great ideas for us if only we knew how to catch them.

        Is God For Me Or Against Me?

        Is God For Me or Against Me?

          We find it easier to think God is against us rather than being for us. Read several examples of what this may look like in our lives. What will you believe?

          Life is hard but you can overcome

          Life is Hard – But You Can Overcome

            Life is hard, but God is good, your prayers are powerful and you can overcome the world. Don’t lose hope, but lean into prayer that will reawaken your heart.

            What Does Advent Mean

            What Does Advent Mean?

              When we break down the origins of the word, we not only learn what Advent means, but also why Advent is important.

              Pray for Your Students

              10 Things to Pray for Your Students

                As a Christian, you want to be a positive influence on your students. As such, prayer is your lifeline. Here are 10 things to pray for your students.