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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : dreams


God Wants to Bless You

God Wants to Bless You

    We devalue God’s love to think He only blesses us to be a blessing. That’s not love; that’s manipulation. He didn’t spare His Son, won’t He also…

    Your Dreams Help You Persevere

    Your Dreams Keep You in the Game

      God has placed dreams in your heart to keep you in the game when all looks lost. They’re clues to the wonderful purposes for which you were created.

      Stephen Roach muscian

      Everything Jesus Died to Give

        Stephen Roach’s song, Room Enough to Dream pulls at a core part of me, which God can do immeasurably more. Let’s go for everything Jesus died to give.


        The Desires of Your Heart

          The desires of your heart are those things that God placed in you. They’re opportunities to connect with your heart which is where we connect with God.

          How to Deal With Nightmares

            Nightmares are not just for little kids. Should we just forget about them, go back to sleep, or attack them? Stop losing sleep and deal with nightmares.