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Anything by Jennie Allen

Anything by Jennie Allen

Anything by Jennie Allen walks through the consequences of her prayer to do anything for God, by the things given up and the extraordinary things gained.

Loving Your Kids on Purpose - Danny Silk

Loving Our Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk

Danny Silk’s Loving Your Kids on Purpose will identify the Father’s heart for children and tactics to love them well. Go here to get the group Bible study.

Taste Again that the Lord is Good

I enjoyed it because it showed people I know and have had over to my home. Bob and Gloria Bruce have walked with the Lord and have been given a wealth of wisdom and character. I loved that the video showed him eating ice cream, as he says he eats it all the time now. The video also showed many other friends from Reynolda where my wife and I attended while living in Winston Salem.

Supernatural Ways Royalty

The Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton

Discovering your rights and privileges of being a son and daughter of God, Kris Vallotton’s Supernatural Ways of Royalty helps change kingdom mindsets.

Church Search by Kevin Shorter

Many non-profits are missing free marketing and missing many people who are potential visitors. Church Search leverages the power of search engines.

Shame Off You by Alan Wright

Shame Off You – Alan Wright

Shame will keep you from approaching God with your requests and keep you from living out who God has called you to be. Here are some thoughts from the book.