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Pray for Missionaries Christmas

Pray for Missionaries This Christmas

    Don’t feel sorry for these missionaries; just be mindful of them and pray a little extra on their behalf. By this, you will also help spread the gospel.

    Benefit Sharing Faith

    You Benefit By Sharing Your Faith

      Sharing our faith reminds us of God’s truth applied to real people. And, those words reveal to us more of those good things God wants us to have as well.

      Hell is a warning for Christians

      Hell is a Warning For Christians

        People who die without Jesus will have made a terribly bad choice, but hell is a warning for Christians. It should compel us to tell of God’s love.

        Shocking Fact Non Christians-bg

        A Shocking Fact About Non-Christians

          We feel the need to convince non-Christians of their need to accept Jesus, but we often doubt if they would really desire it. Here’s a shocking truth:

          Is Your God Really This Good

          Is Your God Really This Good?

            Do people who don’t know Jesus making any real impact? Is your God really this good that He would bless areas in people who don’t believe in Him?


            Stop Giving Power to Sin

              God is not pushing people away because of their sin. He wants to wrap them in His arms and wipe away every tear. Stop giving power to sin and let love win.