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A.W. Tozer Quotes

Prayer Quotes – A.W. Tozer

    Read 30 prayer quotes by A.W. Tozer, author of such classics as the Pursuit of God and the Knowledge of the Holy. If you like these, grab our PDF of 100+ Tozer’s prayer quotes.

    fear of the lord

    Why Do We Fear the Joy of the Lord?

      Jonah knew God’s heart is for repentance, and he didn’t want that for the Ninevites. God enjoys blessing His children, but we often want something else.

      IHOP Allyson Prior

      Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior

        Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior has had a great effect stirring up devotion in me personally as I have listened to it repeatedly. I hope it blesses you.


        Prayer Quotes – Henri Nouwen

          “Prayer is listening to God. God is always speaking; he’s always doing something.” – Read these 18 amazing Henri Nouwen quotes on prayer.

          Prayer Quotes – Bill Bright

            God does not require you to have great faith. You simply are to have faith in a great God. – Check out more Bill Bright quotes to enlarge your faith.

            Sex Teaches Us About Prayer

            What Does Sex Teach Us About Prayer?

              What does sex teach us about prayer? Techniques of both prayer and sex are not the source of pleasure. The source of pleasure is the depth of relationship.