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What Does Advent Mean

What Does Advent Mean?

    When we break down the origins of the word, we not only learn what Advent means, but also why Advent is important.

    pray for your desires

    God Wants You to Pray For Your Desires

      The idea that God wants you to pray for your desires has been a foreign concept for me. My desires, I thought, actually got in the way of following God.

      We Blessed only to be a Blessing

      Are We Blessed Only to Be a Blessing?

        Many think we are blessed only to be a blessing to someone else. This sounds spiritual, but it leads to dangerous beliefs. Here are some ways this is wrong:

        A Call to Everlasting Joy

          Do you have a problem that is too big for your God? Your God is powerful and for you. Nothing can steal your hope. Therefore you can have everlasting joy.

          God's Way is Joy

          God’s Way is Joy

            We are not meant to live in grief. Grief and sorrow drain you of life. God gives life. We are to live in constant awareness of God’s hope that leads us to joy.

            Bible Verses on God's Passionate Love

            Bible Verses on God’s Passionate Love

              God’s not just casually in love with you, but most Christians miss it; He loves with a passionate, unfailing love. Read these Bible verses on God’s love for us.

              Sacrifice with Joy

              Sacrifice with Joy

                Love demands sacrifice, but sacrifice out of duty will not keep you motivated. Let’s learn to sacrifice with joy. There is a reward we’re moving to.


                What Do You See?

                  I don’t believe God is angry and looking to punish sin. I believe God is loving and looks to bless. This affects how I view others, myself, and life.