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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : father


Pray Psalm 1

What Does Psalm 1 Mean for Prayer?

    This is what Psalm 1 means for prayer. You see something God wants then pray for it to happen and ask God for why it might be hindered from you.

    What Should We Call God

    What Should We Call God?

      I heard it said that God is Abba, but He is still call God, our Father. This preacher thought Dad took away our reverence for God. I didn’t have kids at the time, so I just took it as truth.

      God Wants to Provide For You

      God Wants to Provide For You

        God’s provision is easy to believe when things are going well. When we are in need, we start to worry. Prayer reminds us that God wants to provide for us.

        our confidence in prayer

        Our Confidence in Prayer

          I had to reconsider my motives. What is more important to me – to raise a child that enjoys worshipping God or to not cause a stir? What would God do?

          God Wants to Bless You

          God Wants to Bless You

            We devalue God’s love to think He only blesses us to be a blessing. That’s not love; that’s manipulation. He didn’t spare His Son, won’t He also…

            Tale of 2 Fathers – Isaac and Jacob

              Isaac fathered Jacob who felt alone in the world. Jacob fathered Joseph knew he was special and had value to give. A father can great play role on a child.

              5 Reasons Why We Need a Father

                Fathers instill into their kids they will be provided for, will be protected, have a purpose, and will enjoy life. Check out these reasons we need a father.