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We all have a worldview from which we live. How does the Bible affect your view of life, God, and self?

Taste and See that the Lord is good

Taste and See That the LORD is Good

God is not looking merely to be followed; He wants to be experienced. He wants us to feel what He feels. Let’s taste and see that the Lord is good.

What God Wants - What God Does

What God Wants vs. What God Does

There are things that God wants to do and things that He lets happen. And, the difference between them has a lot to do with prayer. God likes our faith.

God Makes Things for Beauty

God Makes Things for Beauty

In heaven things are made for beauty not merely utility. Streets of gold. Go beyond what is required and bring life into whatever you are doing.

You are not alone

You are Not Alone

In our need to have Him answer, we often feel we are alone and separated from Him. This hinders our prayers and adds to our anxiety in our time of need.

Bible Verses on God's Passionate Love

Bible Verses on God’s Passionate Love

God’s not just casually in love with you, but most Christians miss it; He loves with a passionate, unfailing love. Read these Bible verses on God’s love for us.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?

Whatever bad things are happening, they don’t change these two facts: God loves you and sees you as amazing. Look for how He’s revealing this in your life.

target for holy spirit

Become a Target for the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is attracted to people who glorify Jesus. Let the things that motivated Jesus, motivate you and you will always be filled with the Spirit.

How to Impact Nations

When we enter into the throne room of our King, we can carry with us the hope of nations. Being in God’s presence is how to impact nations.

How to Live in the Will of God

Each of us have a specific and unique plan for our life. God knows what will give us purpose. This post will show you how to live in the will of God.

Am I Gods Friend or Servant

Am I God’s Friend or Servant?

Do we start off as a slave or servant of God than you work your way up to a friend or lover of God? Where am I now? Am I God’s friend or servant?