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We all have a worldview from which we live. How does the Bible affect your view of life, God, and self?

Life is hard but you can overcome

Life is Hard – But You Can Overcome

    Life is hard, but God is good, your prayers are powerful and you can overcome the world. Don’t lose hope, but lean into prayer that will reawaken your heart.

    Forgiven Much Loves Much explained

    He Who Is Forgiven Much, Loves Much

      When Jesus says that those forgiven much, love much, we almost think it better to have left some terrible lifestyle, so we can love Jesus all the more. No!

      What Does Advent Mean

      What Does Advent Mean?

        When we break down the origins of the word, we not only learn what Advent means, but also why Advent is important.

        pray for your desires

        God Wants You to Pray For Your Desires

          The idea that God wants you to pray for your desires has been a foreign concept for me. My desires, I thought, actually got in the way of following God.

          Praying to Infinite God

          Praying to a God Who is Infinite

            There is nothing God will not do for us. We are the ones limiting Him by expecting too little. Let’s remember we are praying to a God who is infinite.

            be the person you want

            Be the Person You Want to Experience

              God wants to help you become all that He’s calling you into, but He will not force Himself on you. Be the person you want to experience and find God’s help.

              What's So Great About Salvation

              What’s So Great About Salvation?

                So often we think of salvation as this great moment where we gain passage to heaven when we die. What’s so great about salvation? It begins a journey …

                What Should We Call God

                What Should We Call God?

                  I heard it said that God is Abba, but He is still call God, our Father. This preacher thought Dad took away our reverence for God. I didn’t have kids at the time, so I just took it as truth.