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Prayers of the Apostle Paul

43 Biblical Prayers of the Apostle Paul

    Since the Apostle Paul gave us the majority of the New Testament epistles, we can learn a lot from his teachings on prayer and the prayers he left for us to read.

    5 Things to Remember Daily

    5 Things to Remember Daily

      Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of what God says is true. Read through this list and choose to believe them over whatever you may feel is true.

      Preparing for God's Next Season

      Preparing for God’s Next Season

        God is not being tossed to the side waiting for a chance to get back into the discussion. He cares about our world. How do we prepare for God’s next season?

        How to Pray Prayers that Make an Impact

        How to Pray Prayers That Make an Impact

          We’ve to get beyond asking for just comfort and pleasure if we want to have impactful prayers. This is a part of a sermon by Bill Johnson of Bethel church.

          is the church essential

          Is the Church Essential?

            Given the response of many churches, we should question whether the church is essential. What’s going on and when will the church arise and become relevant?

            where we go one we go all

            Where We Go One We Go All

              God’s words to us are a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path I believe that more than ever, the church needs to get a unified voice. WWG1WGA

              How to Pray for Healing

              How to Pray for Healing

                I will give you a sample healing prayer, but the power is not in the words; it is an expression of faith in a God that heals and wants to heal.

                Getting Quiet Before God

                Getting Quiet Before God

                  It is when we quiet our hearts we can hear the voice of God. He longs for a relationship with us and blessings us by speaking what He wants us to know.

                  What God Wants - What God Does

                  What God Wants vs. What God Does

                    There are things that God wants to do and things that He lets happen. And, the difference between them has a lot to do with prayer. God likes our faith.

                    You are not alone

                    You are Not Alone

                      In our need to have Him answer, we often feel we are alone and separated from Him. This hinders our prayers and adds to our anxiety in our time of need.