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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Where We Go One We Go All

Where We Go One We Go All

    where we go one we go all

    Social Distancing Our Lives

    Technology can be a wonderful thing. Like many people, I have been able to work from home the last few weeks without much slowdown in output. I get on video conferencing to talk to my team and discuss projects with others. Project management tools keep tasks in view and passing on to the next in line. My team may even be more productive all working from home.

    On the personal front, we have online shopping to get things delivered right to the door. For some, you get fresh meals brought to you. We can even video conference family and friends to get face contact with those you love.

    Churches are even more online than ever through several different platforms. My family has moved a lot over the years, and these online services enable us to catch up with churches that are normally too far for us to attend. Small groups and Bible studies are also being effectively worked during our social distancing.

    For some, if the virus has stayed cleared from their home and they are allowed to continue to work, life has not been hindered all that much. Still, these times are raising significant challenges.

    Finding Connections is Important

    One of the greatest benefits of social distancing is the quieter pace of life. Daily commutes have ended. Even trips to the doctor is quicker with video appointments. Many have used this to have longer times in God’s word and times in prayer.

    Still, we are not called to live alone. God said it was not good for man to be alone, even if you have significant access to God like Adam did (Genesis 2:18). We are called into the body of Christ, and we need each other for our strength and well being (1 Corinthians 12:7). Therefore, during these times we need to work even harder to maintain the family of God.

    It has been great to have online church as we are confined to our homes, but we still need the support of other believers. Let us not stop meeting together but encourage one another daily (Hebrews 10:25). Our strengths and gifts are supposed to benefit others.

    Encouragement to Pray

    I don’t know when you will read this, but at the time of writing this, we just had Easter weekend. This wonderful holiday gives us time to focus on the resurrection of our Lord – His love for us and His power over death. If anything, this should encourage us all the more to pray. The hope we have is not carried by all, and even some that have this hope are faltering in the wake of all that is going on. Your prayers make a difference.

    God has not abandoned us. He is still at work bringing life to dead things. I strongly believe the need of the body of Christ to have a unified voice through partnering with what God is saying. This is how we can lend our strength to others. In prayer, our strength in faith props up those in need of help from God. The Spirit empowers our prayers with His own intercession to bring His grace for them.

    Just because we are confined to our homes, we cannot forget about our need to encourage one another. Think of someone right now and lend your strength in prayer… and maybe a message… or a call.

    Encouragement to Hear God’s Words

    There is so much confusion is out there, so many people are scared because of the uncertainty. We have a hope that anchors us (Hebrews 6:19). Beyond everything else, we know that God is good and He is still in control. The Holy Spirit intercedes for us (Romans 8:27), and Jesus intercedes for us (Romans 8:34). Therefore, we can trust that in all things God is working towards something good for us (Romans 8:28).

    We also need to listen to God in the midst of these times. He is where our hope comes from (Psalm 62:5). His words to us are a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Psalm 119:105). But like Daniel and Joseph, those same words from God also bring comfort and clarity to the world. The body of Christ is the transmission of these words to the world. This includes you and me. I believe that more than ever, the church needs to get a unified voice.

    Where We Go One, We Go All

    Paul tells us that where there are multiple representations of the gifts of the Spirit, there is only one Spirit (Ephesians 4:4-6). He brings unity to all the representations. And, together this unity brings an amplification to God’s message.

    How do we get this unity? We need to stay in communication with each other. Share with others what you are learning from God. Allow them to share with you. This dialogue expands your understanding about what God is saying, and it is encouraging to see God sharing similar things to others.

    My wife and I do this often. Even in our personal lives, it is rare that one of gets a full picture of where God is leading us. I believe this is intentional on God’s part. He wants us to lean on each other. It has often been the words God shared with our kids that breaks loose the revelation we need for a certain season.

    What Is God Saying Now?

    For me, I really feel that the world is being set up for a revival. People are more contemplative and aware of their vulnerabilities. People are looking for anything that is more definite to hold on. They are primed to receive an encounter with Jesus.

    What will this look like? Will it be showing them the Jesus film or sharing a Gospel tract with them? I don’t think so. I’m not saying I know this part of the equation, but I feel we need to pray into this. I feel we need to communicate the hope that we have. I feel we need to take the initiative and move together as one.

    What is it that you are feeling from the Lord? Leave a comment below with what you feel God is doing. He is on the move. Things are happening. Let’s position ourselves to join Him.

    3 thoughts on “Where We Go One We Go All”

    1. I’ve been praying for a revival in our nation Even before Covid 19. But I feel God is saying it starts with us as Christians. We need to be in the word more during this time. I feel like it’s a time to prepare. Non christains are seeking. I’ve seen this on a personal level, in my brother in law.

    2. I believe idols are being toppled. We are being called home to “get our house in order,” prune, repent, confess and reorder our priorities…to position the church for a great harvest. I’m seeing relationships reconciled, families strengthened and a holy “pause” (Sabbath rest for the people of God). World systems are being removed. May the church be in the world but not of the world. Let us return to our First Love and seek Him first above all other. That the kingdoms of this world would be come the Kingdom of Our Lord and Savior.

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