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How to Resist the Devil

How to Resist the Devil

    Most discussions on how to resist the devil reside in knowing more Bible. We forget the devil used the Bible to tempt Jesus. There’s more to resisting satan.


    Can Demons Block Our Prayers?

      A recent comment asked, can demons block our prayers? While many Christians give a hasty NO, I think the question is worthy of investigation.

      How Do You Read Events

      How Do You Read Events in Your Life?

        My wife calls me up to tell me what just happened. We were step away from losing our daughter, a step away from having our lives drastically changed.

        Prayer Quote – Dick Eastman

          “Prayer is the divine equalizer. Some preach, other teach, a few sing publicly, but all can pray.” – Check out these Dick Eastman quotes on prayer.

          What the Wicked Witch Teaches Us About Satan

            When the witch saw what Dorothy had in the gifts from the good witch, she became very afraid to the point wanting to run. But then she saw into Dorothy’s eyes and could tell that she did not know what she had. The witch knew that she could still make Dorothy her slave because Dorothy did not know how to use the power she had been given. The only thing the witch could do was to deceive Dorothy in thinking she did not have the power that had been given to her.


            42 Insightful Watchman Nee Quotes

              A Christian should know more about the operation of his spirit than about the activity of his mind. > Check out these 42 insightful Watchman Nee quotes:

              Who is speaking, God or the devil?

              Whose Voice are You Listening To?

                The voice of God, even when exposing sin, offers hope and life. The voice of the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Whose voice are you listening to?