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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer quotes : 42 Insightful Watchman Nee Quotes

42 Insightful Watchman Nee Quotes

    Watchman Nee Quotes
    1. Every need is a call to prayer.
    2. A Christian should know more about the operation of his spirit than about the activity of his mind.
    3. A person who wholly follows the Lord is one who believes that the promises of God are trustworthy, that He is with His people, and that they are well able to overcome.
    4. A spiritual Christian must experimentally know the Holy Spirit in his spirit.
    5. Faith looks not at what happens to him but at Him Whom he believes.
    6. God will answer all our questions in one way and one way only. Namely, by showing us more of his Son.
    7. How true it is that without the guidance of the Holy Spirit intellect not only is undependable but also extremely dangerous, because it often confuses the issue of right and wrong.
    8. How we need the Lord to enlighten our eyes that we may comprehend afresh the importance of prayer and know anew its value. Furthermore, we must recognize that had Satan not deceived us we would not be neglecting prayer so much. We should therefore watch and discover therein all the various wiles of Satan. We will not allow him to delude us any more in relaxing in prayer.
    9. If we were more disposed today to mind the voice of conscience we would not be as defeated as we are.
    10. Many are so preoccupied with work that they allow little time for prayer.
    11. Many confuse understanding with believing.
    12. Negligence in prayer withers the inner man.
    13. Nowadays Christians appear to treat prayer as a means to accomplish their aims and ideas.  If they possessed just a little deeper understanding, they would recognize that prayer is but man uttering to God what is God’s will.
    14. Our prayers lay the track down which God’s power can come. Like a mighty locomotive, his power is irresistible, but it cannot reach us without rails.
    15. Our rest lies in looking to the Lord, not to ourselves.
    16. Prayer enables us first inwardly to overcome the enemy and then outwardly to deal with him.
    17. Prayer is the acid test of the inner man’s strength.  A strong spirit is capable of praying much and praying with all perseverance until the answer comes.  A weak one grows weary and fainthearted in the maintenance of praying.
    18. Prayer is the union of the believer’s thought with the will of God.
    19. Prayer is work. The experiences of many children of God demonstrate that it accomplishes far more than does any other form of work.
    20. The indwelling Spirit shall teach him what is of God and what is not.  This is why sometimes we can conjure up no logical reason for opposing a certain teaching, yet in the very depth of our being arises a resistance.
    21. The purpose of prayer is not to notify God but to express our trust, our faith, our expectation, and our heart desire.
    22. The sight of any trouble strikes terror into the heart of those who do not have faith, but those who trust Him say, “Here comes my food!”
    23. We should not open our mouths too hastily upon approaching God.  On the contrary, we first must ask God to show us what and how to pray before we make our request known to Him.  Have we not consumed a great deal of time in the past asking for what we wanted?  Why not now ask for what God wants?
    24. Why do so many Christians pray such tiny prayers when their God is so big?
    25. If God does not answer our prayers, we must exercise patience and diligently seek the key to prayer.
    26. Anyone who looks for a thing in a half-hearted manner is not likely to find it.
    27. Our words must be to the point; they should be words that touch the heart of God and so move Him that they leave Him no alternative but to grant our request.
    28. In deep humility and with great earnestness, Abraham proceeded to ask God one question after another. His questions were his requests.
    29. When Joshua prayed about the defeat at Ai, he did not just open his mouth in undecerning zeal and plead with God to save His people and make them victorious.
    30. Joshua’s prayer touched the crux of the matter and consequently brought an answer from God.
    31. If our Lord as Man on the earth, possessing the key to prayer, had to deliberately set aside His own will and seek the will of God, how dare we at random utter a few words in prayer and conclude we have discerned God’s will.
    32. Often we put forth tremendous effort in prayer without getting any answer from God, yet we do not seek to discover why.
    33. Circumstances should only be a means of driving us into the presence of God to wait on Him; they should not control our prayer.
    34. Prayer according to the will of God is only possible when we ourselves are in harmony with His will.
    35. Every child of God ought to have some God-given burden.
    36. As soon as you are moved to pray, pray.
    37. Prayer is indispensable to all God’s work.
    38. We may make a request in our hearts, but there is more effect in an uttered request.
    39. If we cannot pray aloud in our homes, let us try and find a place of prayer as the Lord did.
    40. The [prayer] burden God has given us has to be uttered in order to be released.
    41. Many Christians cannot be used in this prayer ministry because they are overburdened. They have let their burdens accumulate instead of seeking relief in prayer, and ultimately they are so crushed by the weight of them that they cannot pray.
    42. The ministry of prayer requires a liberated spirit. Our failure to release the burdens God has placed upon us will eventually cost us our prayer ministry.

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