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God Wants You to do Nothing

God Wants You To Do Nothing

We are not transformed by the patterns of this world. We give a constant ‘no’ to the world every time we take time to what the world would call nothing.

A Thankful Heart

Be Thankful. Don’t Be Anxious

We all know Phil 4:6-7 tells us don’t be anxious but pray. However when we pray, we don’t always experience the peace. Here is closer look at Paul’s words.

Work out of rest

How Do You Work Out of Rest?

If want to work out of rest, you have to spend time with Jesus. He’ll change your perspective, extend your time & resources, and give supernatural results.


Have Some Regard for Human Frailty

We talk about red flags, blind spots, and trouble areas. Freedom in Christ scares us. Failure scares us even more. We need some regard for human frailty.

Madame Guyon Quotes

Prayer Quotes – Madame Guyon

God communicates Himself to us in proportion as we are prepared to receive Him. – Inspire yourself with these 40 Madame Guyon quotes on prayer.

Is This How You View Prayer?

We pour our hearts out in a one-side communication to our God who we hope has affection for us. Our prayers are cast out into the empty sea of quietness.


Do Not Be Afraid

The Bible is consistently telling us do not be afraid. Moses, Joshua, Mary, Paul, and others heard God telling them this. Why is this? What is our response?


Jesus Prayed That We Would Be One

Jesus prayed that we would be one, yet we get caught up with denominations that tend to create barriers between Christians. How do we come together?

The Problem with Promises

The Problem with Promises

Promises to ourselves are designed to distance us from our pain, but what they really accomplish is to distance us from God and the life He has for us.

Preparation Through Thanksgiving

Preparation Through Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving prepares you to experience God, for more blessing from God, for the peace of God, for God’s joy, and to hear from God.

Kevin Shorter Quotes

Prayer Quotes – Kevin Shorter

Prayer should never be a source of discouragement for us. | The reason people don’t go to God is they don’t believe He is for them. | More Kevin Shorter quotes:

How Can God Make Good Out of This?

How can God make something good out of this? Whatever painful circumstance you have endured, take it to Jesus. Allow Him to interpret it for you.