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Joshua's prayers answered

How Joshua Got His Prayer Answered

    Joshua didn’t give a knee-jerk prayer. He looked for God’s heart, connected with Him there, and was awarded with his prayers answered. How can we apply this?

    Prayers of the Apostle Paul

    43 Biblical Prayers of the Apostle Paul

      Since the Apostle Paul gave us the majority of the New Testament epistles, we can learn a lot from his teachings on prayer and the prayers he left for us to read.

      Is God For Me Or Against Me?

      Is God For Me or Against Me?

        We find it easier to think God is against us rather than being for us. Read several examples of what this may look like in our lives. What will you believe?

        Pray for hope and faith

        Pray for Hope and Faith

          To pray for hope and faith, it’s good to pray outloud who God is and how He views you. It gives your faith something to hold onto until you really believe.

          Praying to Infinite God

          Praying to a God Who is Infinite

            There is nothing God will not do for us. We are the ones limiting Him by expecting too little. Let’s remember we are praying to a God who is infinite.