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The Prayer Book for Common People Review

    prayer book for common people

    Prayer is Easier Than We Make It Out to Be

    The Prayer Book for Common People is the product of over a decade of writing to the Prayer-Coach blog. This first volume addresses the topic of why we talk to God and provides encouragement to pray. The second volume will come out later this year, which will focus on how to talk to God.

    The goal of the book is to take you on a journey exploring why prayer is easier than we often make it out to be. You will read about the burdens we put on prayer and the blessings God offers. Each chapter will end with a guided prayer with an opportunity to be silent before God.

    While we are fixated on getting the words correct or our mental focus in check, God is waiting to spend time with us. The Bible is full of stories where He has surprised His people and, as you read the stories shared in this book, you will see God continues to surprise us.

    Contents of The Prayer Book of Common Prayer

    Don’t wait to invest in your relationship with God, He loves to spend time with you. And through the following chapters you will have verses and examples to give you confidence every time you pray.

    1. The Possibilities in Prayer
    2. The Pressures Put on Prayer
    3. The Misconceptions of Prayer
    4. The Motivation to Pray
    5. Our Return Through Prayer
    6. What Hinders Our Prayers
    7. The Invitation to Pray
    8. The Conversation Called Prayer
    9. The Power in Prayer
    10. You Are Changed Through Prayer

    God wants to speak to us more than we want to listen. Increase your desire to listen. Get the Prayer Book for Common People today!


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