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Marriage Blessing and Tips

A Marriage Blessing and Tips

    I have loved being married and hope similar enjoyment for you. Here are a marriage blessings and 10 tips to help your journey.

    how to fix your marriage

    How to Fix Your Marriage

      To fix your marriage, there is one thing that you can start today that will head you in the direction of a fulfilling marriage that most people don’t do.

      Is God Trying to Make Life Harder?

        So how are we to view the harder rules of Jesus? Try to imagine a loving father saying these things to you. Why would God try to make your life harder?

        10 Things to Pray for Your Marriage

        10 Things to Pray for Your Marriage

          Marriage can be the most wonderful gift from God, yet fear and pain pulls us apart. God wants to help. Here are some ways to pray for your marriage.

          Tim Keller's Thoughts on Daily Prayer

            I appreciated how he dealt with not keeping to his plan. He just laid it out there. It happens, but he strives to maintain the routine because he know he is effected by it.

            What to Pray for Your Husband

            10 Things to Pray for Your Husband

              You want the best for your marriage and family. Powerfully partner with God on your behalf. Here are 10 things to pray for your husband.


              10 Things to Pray for Your Wife

                Proverbs 31 provides the script for what to pray for your wife. Do you want your wife to be even more amazing and happy? Partner with God for His help.