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Can I Say No to God?

Can I Say No to God?

    Sometimes it is easier to turn off our hearts in obedience than to wrestle with God about things we don’t want to do. God wants connection over obedience.


    There is Still Good in Them

      Jesus didn’t come to remove the evil and put in the good; He came to remove the evil so that the good could fully shine. There is still good in them.

      God Wants to Dwell With You

      God Wants to Dwell With You

        From the beginning, the heart of God has been to dwell with man, and He created a secret place in the garden. He created that place for us to be with Him.

        how to see God face to face

        3 Things to Do to See God Face to Face

          God is the lifter of our countenance, which mean He desires to lift our heads. He wants us to look to Him. Here are 3 things to do to see God face to face.

          Is God Trying to Make Life Harder?

            So how are we to view the harder rules of Jesus? Try to imagine a loving father saying these things to you. Why would God try to make your life harder?


            Prayer Quotes – Heidi Baker

              Be inspired by these Heidi Baker quotes like “when you are in love with Jesus, then all you do will radiate Him”. Read 22 Inspirational Heidi Baker Quotes.

              Grow Your Friendships

              An Easy Way to Grow Your Friendships

                People love others that believe in them. These are the best friends. He who has the greatest faith in me will have the greatest impact on my life.

                Is is okay to pray for a castle

                Is That Okay to Pray For?

                  God is calling us to reveal more of ourselves to Him. Yes, it is okay to pray for that because it allows God to know our hearts’ desires. See more: