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God Wants to Dwell With You

    God Wants to Dwell With You

    This is a guest post from Trisha Cwir. She a good friend of our family and a board member of our non-profit, Josiah’s Covenant. These next five posts come from a talk she gave at Catch the Fire Ottawa, which she leads with her husband. I know you will enjoy these and believe they will enrich your relationship with God.


    The Heart of God is to Dwell With Man

    From the beginning of time, the heart of God has been to dwell with man. From the beginning of time, the heart of God has been to dwell with man, and He created that secret place in the garden. He created that place for us to be with Him.

    And we ruined that. We separated our hearts from God. But, God has made a way. God has made a way. And, the first way that He made was a tabernacle built with human hands. The first way He made to meet with us was a tabernacle.

    Build It So I Can Dwell With You

    What is interesting about that tabernacle is that God said the whole reason why the tabernacle of Moses that was built in the desert – it was built so that God could dwell with man.

    It says clearly in Exodus 25:8 why that tabernacle was built. He said build it so I can dwell with you. That original tabernacle, which was only a shadow of the things to come, was built so that God could dwell with us.

    God Put Himself In a Box

    And, it was limited, it was in a box, it was an arc covenant box in the middle of nowhere – in the middle of the desert, that was moved from place to place. But, it was all decked out in gold and rubies and diamonds, everything that was precious, so that God’s glory could dwell in this box.

    God put Himself in a box so that the Israelites could dwell with Him.

    But that was what we had. That was what God could do at that time because He was planning a restoration of all things. He was planning to bring us back to Him, back to that secret place. But the whole tabernacle of Moses that was built was for the purpose of dwelling with God.

    Only the High Priest Could Go In

    What is so interesting about that tabernacle and about the holy of holies, the secret place of God. The holy of holies was the place inside the inside curtain where only the high priest could go… only after they had sacrificed the animals. And the blood is the only way they could actually come into that place, that holy of holies.

    And, you might know this, but it was required of the old law that they had to be cleansed before they could enter in, but not everybody could, it was just the high priest. It was just the high priest.

    All That Has Changed

    But what so amazing about that is that we know that God has become our high priest and He has torn the veil. He has torn the veil so that we can have this secret place.

    And the whole storyline, the whole time, everything has all been about this secret place. It’s all been about hanging out with the Lord. And, if we would just take the time, if we would just daily take the time to spend time in His presence, then He would so pour out His love on our hearts.

    He Wants Us to Come

    But I just feel the Lord saying I sacrificed My life to be with you. What would you sacrifice to be with Me? I sacrificed My life that we can hang out together. What would you sacrifice to hang out with Me? Cause all I want to do is hang out with you. All I want to do is to get to know you. All I want to do is to be your best friend.

    That is all the Lord wants of us. God wants to dwell with you.

    Trisha’s Prayer For You

    God, I just ask that the value of the secret place to be made so high in our lives. The priority of the secret place, God. That our lives will be focused around our time with You. That it would be the thing in our calendar that does not move. That work would not the thing that we are laid to. But it would be the secret place, God.

    I pray that our meetings with You will be more important than a meeting with the President or with the Pope. God, I just ask that You would drill Your meeting time into our hearts so powerfully that we would not let anything shake it. In Jesus’ name God.

    We Will Find Our Secret Place

    And we are going to make a daily declaration that You are our source by spending time with You. We are going to go into our room and we are going to shut the door, and we are going to hang out with You alone, God. Or, we are going to go into the woods. Or, we are going to go onto the rooftop like Peter did.

    We are going to find that secret place, everyday God. Help us God. Help us remember. Help us remember how important it is. That there is nothing in the world more important than being found in Your heart. There is nothing else more important. Nothing. Nothing.

    The point of life is the secret place. Help us, God.

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