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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Your Mindsets Are Hindering God’s Plan For You

Your Mindsets Are Hindering God’s Plan For You

    Your Mindsets Are Hindering God's Plan

    How Mindsets Blind You

    People will see what they want to see. The way we are looking at the world is being processed by the way we think the world should work. While the facts remain true, the framework of opinions and the worldview we hold determine how we interpret these facts. For each individual this framework is different. That is why a terrible act of evil hits the news where several people die, and some people will take it as proof we need greater gun control and others will see it as evidence we need more responsible gun owners.

    We see this how people view politics. Once an opinion is formed, it doesn’t matter what they hear afterwards as 95% of the time it will only solidify their already established views; for the other 5% that doesn’t fit their beliefs, they will more than likely ignore them. The more important the decision, the more firmly held will be the opinions.

    Mindsets Can Hinder Us From Hearing God

    The fact we do this is not necessarily good or bad, but the fact we often do this without God’s input is very dangerous for us. God has an opinion about practically everything, and when we assume we know His views because of these preconceived mindset we have and we don’t ask Him, we miss out on the blessing of walking by faith and not sight.

    God Wants to Interpret Our Circumstances

    Political persuasion is a common place we see this played out; I’m sure I do it often as well. The area we ignore this happening is in our own lives. Events and circumstance happen, and we believe it means something different than what God does.

    I Needed God to Correct My Mindset

    I used to have a mindset that I was a failure. If I didn’t succeed at an assignment or if I made a mistake that made others mad at me, I would think it was proof that I was a failure. When I would spend time with God and read verses like I was created for good works or I was wonderfully made, I would insert the words but I have sinned and fallen short.

    If I happened to do well, I couldn’t fully enjoy it because I felt it was only a matter of time before I would fail again. After all I believed failures ultimately fail, my success was only a fluke. Eventually people would see me as a failure.

    I also had trouble taking compliments. I believed that I must have fooled them if they want to give me a compliment. It would be wrong to take the compliment because I knew that they didn’t see the real me.

    God Doesn’t Create Failures or Other Personality Faults

    God did finally correct this view of myself. He told me He didn’t create failures. I was believing a lie that was hindering what He wanted to do through me. I needed to confess and repent.

    You may not struggle with the same lie as me. Maybe you think you are stupid or not as good as other people. Maybe you think you are ugly or clumsy. Maybe you think other people would not relate to you or don’t like being around you.

    What God Thinks About You

    The truth is God thinks you are amazing. He wants to spend time with you. He put His wisdom and strength in you. We need to start believing what God says about us over what we think is true. We are judging everything that happens to us based on whatever mindset we choose. And if we choose incorrectly we will hinder what God is able to do through us.

    Let’s go after the mindsets God has for us. This is the process of renewing your mind. God has a whole adventure He wants to lead you on that you will not move toward if you have wrong mindsets. Your friends and family need you to get this right.

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