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Am I Gods Friend or Servant

Am I God’s Friend or Servant?

    Do we start off as a slave or servant of God than you work your way up to a friend or lover of God? Where am I now? Am I God’s friend or servant?

    How to Live By Faith-2

    How to Live Out of Faith

      Fear of what others may think or do strangle our ability to live a life of faith. Developing a community that believes in us is how to live out of faith.

      Sin in the camp explained

      Sin in the Camp; Achan was Framed

        Sin in the camp is a topic that has brought fear into many Christians. It’s time for that to change. Achan was framed and life is about to be released.

        Does God Play Favorites

        Does God Play Favorites?

          Why are some people’s prayers answered? Some people find success, fulfillment, and basic joy in life. Does God play favorites? God hated Esau didn’t He?

          What exactly is prayer?

          What Exactly is Prayer?

            Prayer becomes a guessing game on what God wants to do. No wonder we are to pray continually; it’ll take that long to get it right. Let’s think differently.

            God is Not Looking to Punish You

              Are we honoring God saying the ramifications of our decisions are too great an obstacle for His cross? God is not looking to punish you; He wants to love.

              How God Motivates Us Not to Sin

              How Does God Motivate Us Not to Sin?

                We use accountability, consequences, shame, and guilt to motivate people not to sin. But, what does God use? How does God motivate us not to sin?