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Organize Like An Athlete

    Watching the Olympics

    Over the last two weeks, I have watched countless hours of the Olympics. What a joy to watch so many athletes from around the world compete! I continued to be amazed at their strength, flexibility, endurance, and determination. It seemed like during every sport I asked myself, “How do these people do it?”

    I enjoyed listening to the athletes’ interviews after each event, and most of them mentioned how extensively they trained. The majority of these Olympians spent years training for one event! That is how they do it. They are great athletes because they practice.

    Practicing to Mastery

    Like with these Olympians, many of the things you and I do in our lives just takes practice. When we were children, we practiced reading, writing, and math skills. Now they come naturally to us. When we were learning how to drive a car, it took a lot of thought just backing out of the driveway. Now driving is easy, and we give little thought to getting behind the wheel.

    Organizing Like An Athlete

    If you are easily discouraged by failed attempts to get organized, be encouraged that with practice (and maybe some coaching), you CAN get and stay organized! Just like it took practice for these athletes to excel in their sport, it may take time and practice for you as well. No one is a lost cause!

    Additional Organizational Tips

    Here are some great things to do in September:

    • Review your contact list and email address book. Take people off that you are no longer in touch with, edit necessary information, and add new people in. Include teachers, doctors, friends, and business contacts.
    • Recall your New Year’s Resolutions. It is not too late to pick up where you left off! Go to the gym, eat healthy, and get organized.
    • Register to vote. You still have time to be eligible for the Presidential election.
    • With a scrupulous eye, look at your tchotchkes. What makes you happy to look at, and what has become clutter? Donate any item that does not fit the theme of your room or has just been sitting around that you no longer enjoy.

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