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Let Them Know You Care

    Greetings from Shorter Designs! Later this month, my husband will be the best man in a wedding. So many people get married in the summer; this time of year is perfect for reflecting on marriage and my own commitment to my husband. He is the most wonderful and kind man I know, so he is quite easy to love. I have been very blessed.

    Has your relationship gotten into a rut? Could it use a little boost? This month, make a point to express your love and commitment to your spouse. Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be romantic. Here are some ideas to get you started: Call to see if you can pick up anything on the way home from work; have a pillow fight; when window shopping, secretly note what your partner likes then return later to pick up that something special; write notes on Post-it notes and stick them around the house; toss a coin in a fountain and make a wish together; hide a love note in your partner’s pants pocket.

    If you are not married, then show love and commitment to your friends and family. Take the time to encourage the people around you and let them know how much you value and appreciate them!

    Here are some great things to do in August:

    • Plan for your autumn plants and flowers. Do research and prepare the soil.
    • Clean your windows.
    • Go through your sock and underwear drawers. Pull out all the items you no longer wear or that have holes in them.
    • Mark all of your child’s important dates on the calendar (field trips, holidays, major assignments).
    • Look at your bookshelf and pull out books and magazines you don’t want anymore. Donate them right away.

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