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Gain a Fresh Perspective

    I am so excited that October is here because I love the changes that autumn brings. I enjoy the colorful trees and the crispness in the air, the fall flowers and pumpkins that adorn homes. These are things I used to take for granted.

    I grew up in North Carolina and lived here 24 years. After spending the last four years in Florida, I am now back “home” where the weather actually changes and the seasons are pronounced. It is amazing to me the difference living here now as opposed to when it was all I knew.

    Sometimes in life, we just need a fresh perspective. When we change our circumstances, it often changes the way we see things. What is your home like? Is it calm, quiet, and organized? Or is it chaotic and hard to find what you need?

    The state of your home will color the way you and your family see the world. Being organized is important to our health, our attitude, and our lifestyle. Take a baby step today to help get your home a bit more tidy, and keep making little changes along the way. You’ll soon have a fresh perspective!

    Here are some great things to do in October:

    • Sort through your photos. Give away duplicates or just toss them. You usually don’t need two of the same picture. And if you don’t think you will get around to scrapbooking anytime soon, go ahead and organize your photos in an acid-free box for safe keeping. Make categories for family, vacations, pets, etc. Throw away the envelopes to save space.
    • Make sure your car is “winterized.”
    • Go through belongings in one room of your home. When clearing them out, keep only things that belong in that space which will greatly reduce the clutter. Pretty soon you will want to do that in every room!
    • Since computers can be just as cluttered as homes, review the files on your PC. Sort documents by putting them in folders, and delete files you don’t need anymore. Also, spend some time copying important information onto CD’s as a way to backup what you need to keep long term.

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