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Offering Hope and Future to Orphans

    “You don’t understand. I’m a whore, and [my daughter] has no father.” – Fantine

    “She has the Lord. He is her father, and you are his creation.
    In his eyes you have never been anything but an innocent and beautiful woman.” – Jean Valjean

    taken from Les Miserables

    As promised, this post will discuss the new adventure ahead. As I have explained, I have a passion to translate people who feel unwanted to know that God wants them because of how I grew up. The good news is those that feel unwanted are closer to experiencing all of God than others that are finding love in other things. It is not until we realize that God is all we have that He will ever be all we want. People who feel unwanted are in so much need of God, but they are also very close to receiving Him.

    Doors are opening up for my family to move to Asia to work with orphans. Without parents to call their own, orphans naturally feel unwanted. They feel that have no past and no future. Life is lived in the present and the best to hope for is to get by. We want to give them a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

    Orphans in this part of the world have governmental funding to care for their basic needs in an orphanage until they turn 14 – 18. Adoptions are not allowed after the age 14. At this point they age out of the system and the transition to life out of the orphanage depends on that particular institution.

    Some will be hired back on to work in the orphanage if there is space. The boys typically end up in the military. The girls may get a job as a domestic worker, but many end up on the streets and/or kidnapped. Without the love and support of a family, these children have little hope of finding a job, a spouse, or a way to improve their life.

    We are going to be that surrogate family for as many girls as God allows. We are going to give these girls a home, job skills, and offer a better interpretation for their lives. They are not unwanted. They are not unlucky. They are precious jewels that cause the eyes of their Father to sparkle.

    What will this look like for the blog?

    I know this is not a typical post, but with so many of you faithfully following the blog, I felt that you would want to know the direction I am heading. As for the blog itself, I plan on continuing to write for the blog as God ministers to me through it. However, I have also had a good friend agree to also write and fill in the gaps as my family transitions to move.

    How can I keep informed of your ministry?

    First of all, it is probably more accurately called charity work because of attitudes towards Christian workers. Plus we are also providing a service to this part of the world by lowering homelessness and crime. That is at least the desired long-term effect.

    How can I help your ministry?

    Really the best thing we can ask of you is to sign up for the updates and pray for us. Listen to hear God’s heart for us. Ask what He feels we need and speak life into that area. Some of the immediate needs are perseverance with the paperwork and connections with people that can open doors for us.

    Thank you for your commitment to the Prayer Coach blog. You are such a blessing to me.

    3 thoughts on “Offering Hope and Future to Orphans”

    1. Praying God puts events & people in place so that you can realise this dream. God is probably the Author of this dream anyway so He will ensure favour where it is required. God bless you & your family. This is no small thing you are embarking on. May God bless you, protect you & keep you.

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