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feeling unwanted

How to Love Yourself

How I Came to Love Myself

    To those of us who haven’t easily loved ourselves, doing so hasn’t been easy. Everything we see seems to prove we are unworthy of love. How do we change?


    Offering Hope and Future to Orphans

      Orphans naturally feel unwanted. They feel that have no past and no future. The best to hope for is to get by. We want to give them a hope and a future.

      How Come Nobody Wanted Me?

      How Come Nobody Wanted Me?

        As kids we are too young to properly interpret our world. Without direction we are bound to get it wrong. My interpretation of my world was I was unwanted.

        Everybody Wants to Be Wanted

          October Baby portrays the dangerous prospect that your fears may be realized: not only do you feel unwanted, you ARE unwanted. Here are some things I liked.