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view of self

Next to a wrong view of God, our wrong view of self is the biggest thing that keeps us from prayer. These posts expose negative thinking and lead you have confidence approaching God.

Your Weakness is Your Testimony

Your Weakness is Your Testimony

    When you are free to be you, God can work miracles through your lives. Allow your weakness to be your testimony and watch God be strong on your behalf.

    Focus on Original Sin

    5 Reasons We Focus on Original Sin

      It seems Christians may be obsessed with the fact we can sin. Is it humility? Here are 5 reasons we focus on original sin and why we need to stop.

      I wish he'd be more humble

      A Simple Definition of Humility

        If God says you’re great, is it humble to say your nothing without Him? … is it humble to deny compliments? Here’s a simple definition of humility:

        We Blessed only to be a Blessing

        Are We Blessed Only to Be a Blessing?

          Many think we are blessed only to be a blessing to someone else. This sounds spiritual, but it leads to dangerous beliefs. Here are some ways this is wrong:

          Am I Really Amazing?

          Am I Really Amazing?

            Each of us has something that God put in us that makes us amazing. He wants us to live and pray accordingly. Here are 5 steps to know you are amazing.

            How to Live By Faith-2

            How to Live Out of Faith

              Fear of what others may think or do strangle our ability to live a life of faith. Developing a community that believes in us is how to live out of faith.

              Glorify Me

              Father, Glorify Me!

                For most, our form of Christianity doesn’t allow this: Father, glorify me. It doesn’t sound humble. It feels self-aggrandizing. But, is it a good prayer?