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view of others

Our wrong view of others is keeping us from loving them as we should, which affects our prayers for them.

How Much Should We Love?

How Much Should We Love?

    We read the Psalms and see prayers for God to take care of his enemies, and we rather this model than Jesus’ request to love them. How much should we love?

    The Second is Like Unto It

    The Second is Like Unto It

      We seem to understand loving God with all our heart part. What is strange is how the second is like unto it? How is loving your neighbor like loving God?

      The Greatest Enemy of Love

      The Greatest Enemy of Love

        Loving others is more important to God than you being wronged. We are to go to God for our comfort and allow Him to protect us. He is a good father.

        Grow Your Friendships

        An Easy Way to Grow Your Friendships

          People love others that believe in them. These are the best friends. He who has the greatest faith in me will have the greatest impact on my life.

          How to Pray for Love

            Most of us know that we are lacking in love. With these directions on how to pray for love, you are now clear to receive the promised empowerment to love.

            How Do We Network as a Christian?

              Networking fails when it becomes all about what the other person can do for you. God’s kingdom doesn’t work that way. How do we network as a Christian?

              Believe in People

              Do We Believe in People?

                Do we believe in others? As ambassadors of Christ, we have a responsibility to speak life into people. We may be the only one who will ever believe in them.

                roaring water

                Freely Give Grace

                  Our calling is to love others with the love that we have received. We received it freely, lavishly, and without expecting anything in return.