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Do Not Judge – God Has More For You

    Don't Judge - God Has More

    Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. – Matthew 7:1-2

    Wisdom tells us to make judgments about many things. Is it safe to move forward? Should I trust this person? How should I act in this type of situation? We are constantly making judgments about things, but are they helping us or hindering us?

    I Judged Someone

    Last week I read a comment on Facebook where the person was claiming how they influenced someone else like a mentor. I know both of these individuals, know that they have a relationship, but doubted the one had that much influence (don’t judge me, I’m just being honest and it will help understand my point).

    I don’t know why it bothered me so much. In reality it was none of my business. I talked to my wife about it later to help me unravel what was going on. I felt the comment was self-aggrandizing, making them sound better than they really are. I just know I was turned off, and I wouldn’t do it.

    Here is what I felt God was highlighting to me: I had judged this person and other people who make similar comments. Although these people may be trying to make others think more highly of them, my judgment was keeping me from what God had for me (more on this later).

    I Judged Some More People

    Earlier in the week, I was leading a group in an experience with the Heavenly Father through the story of the prodigal son. The parable was to springboard us into engaging the father, however as soon as I started praying, I felt God was asking me which son I was feeling like. I immediately identified with the older son. My identification was not because I resented the younger brother’s blessings, but I felt like I was outside the party.

    As I prayed I saw myself surrounded by hay with the Father coming out to me. I realized this was how I act at parties or most social settings. I would hang around and wait for people to come over to me. I love people, but I didn’t want to go up to a group and interrupt the conversation. Whenever someone entered a conversation I was in, I felt they intruded and believed their conversation was more important than the one we were having. Again, I was judging the situation. I didn’t go up to groups because I felt others would judge me the same way.

    My Judgments Led to These Decisions

    Within the last week, God revealed two judgments I was constantly making on other people, and thus two behaviors I determined not do: 1. do not sell myself – allow God talk on my behalf, and 2. do not interrupt others in conversation.

    Both of these decisions sound fine. However, they were keeping me from what God had for me. And, they were hiding views of myself that did not line up to how God saw me.

    Views of Myself Hiding in the Judgments

    In the experience with the Father I asked Him how I was supposed to act. I felt He immediately changed the question to how I was to view myself. I felt that He wanted me to feel like I belonged – that people wanted me in their conversations. My judgment about others created a decision that God didn’t want me to have in order to hide a lie that I had about myself. Wow!

    As I talked to my wife about the self-promoting talk, I realized that our words are powerful. I have talked often on this blog about how harmful negative words can be, but I have been slow in incorporating the benefits of positive words. In reality I didn’t want to come across as becoming too prideful because I felt someone may come along and disagree with my assessment of myself. I was still struggling to see myself as amazing as God thought of me and believing others would see me in this way.

    God is calling my wife and I to start an organization that will lead orphan girls out of hopelessness to seeing value in themselves. They need to hear words of belief and hope not only about themselves, but about the ones leading them. They need to hear that they have made the best decision possible in coming to be with us. The words we speak will create trust and build hope. If I keep this judgment about people who are self-promoting and have an inferior view of myself, I will not affectively sell our vision to those who need its benefits.

    Do Not Judge

    Judgments are bad when we make them apart from the Lord (1 Corinthians 2:14-15). God rarely wants us to make blanket statements, because they often lead us to trust in those statements rather than on God. Let us become more aware of our judgments and bring them before God. More than likely they will unveil areas of our hearts that has blocked God from moving in us. God is so kind. He wants to reveal these areas, not to punish us, but in order to set us free. He has a wonderful plan for our lives. Let’s remove everything standing in our way.

    3 thoughts on “Do Not Judge – God Has More For You”

    1. Thanks Kevin. This is really honest and vulnerable Thank you for your courage in writing it. I identify with you and have found this really helpful. Bless you.

      1. Guy,
        Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your follow and support over the year. You are a man of strength that gives hope to others that God will come through for them. If you are ever interested in writing a post here, just let me know.

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