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Perplexed About Prayer

    I wanted to put up the link to this post because I felt it was an honest evaluation of what is going on inside the mind of a pastor or intercessor who desires to call others to pray. If God has His hand on you to gather people to pray, this post will be a great encouragement for you to press on.

    Prayer Quotes – Ben Jennings

      Prayer grows in proportion to its grounding in God’s Word.
      Prayer is more than something you do; it is something God does through you.
      Prayerless decisions lead to tragic loses.
      Prayerless is an insult to God.

      Pray for Lost

      What to Pray for the Lost

        God is in the business of changing lives. Tap into His heart by praying through this list of 15 things to pray for your friends that do not yet know Jesus.


        What Do You Think Revival Will Look Like?

          We don’t all want revival to come. When revival comes Jesus is in charge – not you or I. What will revival look like? It’ll be something we can’t control.


          25 Prayer Quotes By Mother Teresa

            Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts. – 25 Mother Teresa quotes on prayer to inspire you.

            Stay Focused in Prayer

            #1 Way to Stay Focused in Prayer

              Our minds can be very hard to corral wandering from one thing to another. Staying focused is difficult. Here is the #1 way to stay forced in prayer:

              How Do We Respond to Delayed Answers to Prayer?

                You haven’t blown it, Daniel, and God isn’t holding out on you. The angel goes on to explain that he was locked in hand-to-hand combat with a mighty fallen angel, a demonic power of dreadful strength, who kept him out of the Persian kingdom for these three weeks, and how he finally had to go get Michael (the great Archangel, the Captain of the Lord’s hosts) to come and help him break through enemy lines. “Now I am here, in answer to your prayer. Sorry its taken so long.”

                4 Keys to Effective Prayer

                Four Keys to Effective Prayer

                  Prayer is the key in the hand of faith; prayer is the key to heaven. Journey with me and my personal examples as I share four keys to effective prayer.


                  Lord, Don’t Give Us What We Deserve?

                    When we placed our lives in Christ, we exchanged our lives for His. We have no more fear of judgment of sins. We now deserve everything God died to give.