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Prayer Quotes – Kevin Shorter

Kevin Shorter Quotes

  1. Marriage is supposed to be enjoyed.
  2. The degree with which we don’t know our own heart is the degree that we will be hindered in knowing God’s.
  3. Don’t know what to pray for others? Pray for them what you wish people would pray for you.
  4. Hope is essential for the Christian life. When we have lost hope, we have lost God’s perspective.
  5. Principles without Presence leads to Religion. Christian principles are to help us stay in God’s presence to grow Relationship.
  6. Every time I pray, I feel God so much closer.
  7. You can always get God’s attention. Can He get yours?
  8. Faith is stepping out in obedience with the outcome not guaranteed.
  9. The reason people don’t go to God is they don’t believe He is for them.
  10. Obedience out of fear is for slaves; obedience out of love is for heirs and friends.
  11. You are who Jesus says you are. You do what you think you are. Do they line up?
  12. Don’t let anything you do for God or think about Him become greater than you love for Him and those He loves.
  13. Deep inside each one of us there is a deep longing to be known and a deeper longing to be loved.
  14. Prayer should never be a source of discouragement for us.
  15. Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ, so don’t let it get far from your mind.
  16. Pray this: let me live the life You intended for me.
  17. God doesn’t send anyone to hell. It is the only place for those who don’t want to be with Him.
  18. There is nothing in you that God doesn’t love. Take risks to reveal more of yourself to others.
  19. Pray as if God wants to answer your prayers.
  20. The abundant life is impossible without prayer.
  21. Truth is whatever Jesus declares true.
  22. Sitting at the feet of Jesus will lead you to wash the feet of others.
  23. Go after who you were created to be and change the world by being that person.
  24. Prayer without worship lacks confidence.
  25. Asking things of God shows a dependence on Him, a belief that He will come through for us, and a confidence that He is more than able.
  26. You may have every right to not to forgive, but nothing will hinder you from experiencing the fullness of God more.
  27. You are worthy because God says you are worthy; therefore there is no good thing that God will withhold from you.
  28. How many times will God pick you up when you fall? Every time!
  29. We are the hope of the nations, because we have been sent by Jesus.
  30. Praying Scriptures expands your view of God and what you would naturally pray for by yourself.
  31. God hears your prayers because He loves you.
  32. You have not missed God’s best for you, so eagerly look to God for His vision of your future.
  33. Holiness is not you ceasing to sin, but firmly holding to what Jesus gave you.
  34. When you believe in Jesus, you are saved. When you know He believes in you, you are transformed.
  35. Do not be offended by God, He will do more for you than you ask or imagine.
  36. Prayer does not change God’s will; it taps into it and enables it.
  37. Joy, laughter, and dreams show the world that God is with us (Ps. 126:1-2).
  38. Effective prayer is not getting what you ask, but entering into the throne room of God.
  39. Prayer is not you trying to win back God’s favor; it is you participating in the favor He has for you.
  40. Live life to the full. Anything less is an insult to Christ’s suffering.
  41. Prayer is a gift to Christians that enhances our intimacy with God.
  42. A willing spirit + a resurrected body = supernatural power!
  43. We exalt God because it gives God room to exalt us.
  44. Asking God what He wants you to pray about is the first step to a powerful prayer life.
  45. We worship at the feet of the Savior and dance on the head of the serpent.
  46. Prayer is acceptable in any situation.
  47. God doesn’t want to be unattainable; He wants intimacy.
  48. Those who want to be close to God on earth will be the closest to God in heaven.
  49. There is a kind of omnipresence and omnipotence in prayer. Nothing is too difficult or out of reach.
  50. Worship lifts us out of our fear and renews our faith in God and His goodness towards us.
  51. And the real adventure was not taking the land God had given them, but finding out how God wanted them to take the land.
  52. Condemnation and judgment is not for the sons of man anymore. We are ministers of reconciliation and grace.
  53. Prayer is not earning God’s favor; it enters you into the favor He already has for you.
  54. God knows that if He can get you to do what He created you to do, you will find the greatest satisfaction in your life.
  55. Give thanks for all things being confident that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.
  56. Religion is dead. Love lasts forever.
  57. Nothing can separate you from God’s love and His grace is always available for you to access.
  58. Jesus is the promised abundant life.
  59. We have hope and joy because we know the heart and character of the One in control of everything.
  60. Obedience leads us to the heart of God and even to knowing our own hearts.
  61. God is looking to reveal through you all the greatness He has placed in you.
  62. Our goal is not merely to get people saved but to fully experience all God has for them.
  63. Hearing God’s voice should be as natural to a believer as taking a breath.
  64. God’s love is never-ending. How much of it do you want? Just enough or overwhelming?
  65. We are following a God who wants to be known and seems to wear His heart on His sleeve.
  66. Christians may speak of God’s love, but they prefer to distance themself from Him experientially out of fear.
  67. We are not called to be passive. We are to passionately pursue God.
  68. God’s voice brings change in us as it transforms our mind.
  69. It is through relationships with others that we see how well our relationship with God has taken root in our lives.
  70. Our prayers reveal our faith (or lack of) in God’s power over our world.
  71. This filter in our minds can hinder God’s leading in our lives.
  72. As you pursue the heart of God, you will gain His heart for youself, your friends, and the world.
  73. Great faith is the full trust in the love and goodness of God for you.
  74. We can have a powerful effect on this world if we would just believe in ourselves.
  75. When God can trust you with His heart, He can then trust you with His power.
  76. I believe we try to make hearing God so difficult that we create an environment where we can no longer hear God.
  77. By being thankful you are more prone to see the fulfillment of the requests you have made to God, which encourages more prayer.
  78. You can laugh in the face of hardships because they are really just opportunities for God to show His faithfulness to you.
  79. God wants all your dreams fulfilled.
  80. By thanking God in the midst of circumstances that seems awful, we are showing faith in God’s goodness
  81. The more things you are hiding from others, the more that has control over you.
  82. Too many have accepted “doing things” as more important than prayer. They only pray when there is nothing urgent to do.
  83. Poor self-esteem will transform our prayers from conversations to plea bargains.
  84. Truth is what Jesus says is true; you are who God says you are.
  85. God doesn’t send you anywhere that He doesn’t want to go with you.
  86. Saul was always a praying man. Paul connected with God. Do we know the difference?
  87. Christian, God is happy with you, because you chose to believe Him.
  88. Fear is a powerful demotivator. It reveals what we really believe.
  89. Prayer reorients our dependence on God and He exalts the humble.
  90. No matter God’s specific plan for you, His ultimate plan is for you to love God and love others.
  91. Throughout the Bible God is constantly telling His friends not to be afraid.
  92. Once you realize how much God loves you, you will never neglect spending time with Him because it will become your life and fuel for life.
  93. The eyes of faith are more apted to see God’s answers to prayers.
  94. The best thing you can do for your friends is to love God. The second best thing you can do for your kids is to love your spouse.
  95. Prayer removes you from the burdens of life and resets your priorities on the eternal and real.
  96. The desires of your heart are those things that God placed in you to reveal what you were created to do.
  97. Shame of sin can only be healed once it is exposed and met with loving acceptance.
  98. You are incapable of letting God down. He always thinks highly of you.
  99. The more we don’t believe in the greatness God put in us we are sabotaging God’s plan of redemption for your area of influence.
  100. Your children are blessings not burdens.
  101. Thanksgiving in all things opens us up to God’s redemption.
  102. God lives out Philippians 4:8 when He thinks about you. That’s what you do when you are in love.
  103. Giving thanks is the oil that prepares you for and keeps you in the filling of the Spirit.
  104. We don’t need to twist God’s heart to show Himself; it is a natural response to our offering ourselves to Him.
  105. Prayer awakens your heart to the love of Christ. It reminds you that there is more to this life.
  106. We have the Holy Spirit to help us pray. God never intended for us to pray on our own.
  107. Strict adherence to your plans will cause you to miss God’s unconventional ways.
  108. Christian, since you have free access to heaven, freely give heaven’s resources to others.

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