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Top Ten Post in 2009 On Our Prayer Blog

    We had great success in 2009 as we started this prayer blog. Thank you for participating with us on this journey. For those who are new, here are the top 10 posts for 2009 based on a combination visits, length of views, comments, and social bookmarking. For more prayer information follow us at @Prayer_Coach

    1. We Love Because God First Loved Us: We can only love God because He first loved us. Therefore what is keeping us from loving God more? We must not believe the extent we are loved in Christ. This post describes potential lies we believe about ourselves and God.
    2. bottle feeding image

    3. What I Have Learned From Fasting: Fasting is an often neglected discipline of the Christian faith. This post shares the experience of one whose gone 40-days. Be sure to check out the comments as we have been collecting several comments from others about their experiences.
    4. Campus Crusade Mugs

    5. 10 Things to Prayer for Your Children: Do you want to broaden what you pray for your children, check out this list for ideas from my former priest’s wife.
    6. happy children picture

    7. Prayer: Top Issue Facing Today’s Church: Prayer is the top issue critical to the church today based on study from LifeWay Christian Resources.  Full survey attached in the article.
    8. Top Issue Facing Church Image

    9. Prayer Alert: Islam Rally on Capital Hill: We encouraged people to pray for the September 25th Islam rally at the capital. May this be a reminder of the need to continue in prayer for our country.
    10. White Muslim House Image

    11. Four Keys to Prayer: The Scripture gives us many promises that lead us into a deeper relationship with God. This was four keys to prayer that will increase your confidence in going to God.
    12. Old Church Building Image

    13. The Sweetness of Children and Prayer: Never discourage your children from going to God in prayer. This is simple story of my oldest daughter’s question to God.
    14. daddy and daughter image

    15. Why is Giving Thanks Important?: This was part 3 of 4 on the series of giving thanks, and the post takes a look at the importance of giving thanks with regarding to how it benefits our relationship with Jesus.
    16. Mary Annointing Jesus Feet

    17. God Works All Things For Good: If God works all things for the good, then please explain… We all have events in our lives that seem to prove that God does not love us. We need to go to Jesus for His reinterpretation of the events in order to keep coming to Him.
    18. Florida sunset image

    19. Thank You For the Fleas – Corrie ten Boom Story : Corrie Ten Boom suffered many trials in her life, but she learned the importance of giving thanks to God for all things. This is the story of where she gave thanks for the fleas.

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