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The Sweetness of Children and Prayer

    The Sweetness of Children & Prayer

    My wife and I are in the process of adopting an international child. We have gotten pretty far along, and we need to make a decision about whether we would take our kids along when we pick up our new daughter. Besides the costs associated with taking two additional children along, our daughters are 4 years and 18 months, so they would take attention and care for the overseas travel.

    My wife was discussing this with our older daughter this morning and encouraged her to ask Jesus whether she should go. My wife, trying to get the kids ready to leave for the day, suggested that they wait to pray later. My daughter wanted to do it then. Never one to discourage prayer, my wife agreed. As my daughter prayed, she said that Jesus told her that she and her sister should stay back with my wife’s mom. An additional insight you should know is that she wants to go with us.

    The point of me telling you this story is not to allow your children to make decisions for you. My wife and I are still going to pray through this ourselves as we are ultimately responsible for the decision. But imagine if we do decide on having the kids stay behind. Even though our oldest wants to go, we can always remind her of what Jesus showed her.

    What are the takeaways from this story:

    1. Do not hinder the little children from coming to Jesus. – Luke 18:16
    2. The sheep know the shepherd’s voice. – John 10: 3-5, 16
    3. Child-like faith is very receptive to God. – Mark 10:15

    5 thoughts on “The Sweetness of Children and Prayer”

    1. Dear Kevin
      Thanks for the compliment on my "butterfly" picture. We had taken of children ( 13,9,7 ) to a local botanical garden.. LOL however, it was in the parking lot as we were leaving I captured the butterfly.. funny how we find great joy in the unusual.. like children praying .. thanks for sharing

    2. This is a great read. Kids really do hear from God when they pray. When one of my daughters was four, she prayed for Jesus to show her where the mama cat had hidden her baby kittens. Wouldn’t you know, the next day she thought of looking in the woodpile, and there they were!

    3. Naomi,
      Sometimes I think it is not who has a better capacity to hear as much as it is who is listening. Kids tend to expect God to answer if they ask Him something. Thanks for reading and posting your comments.

      Mindy, sorry for the delay, but thanks for your prayers.

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