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7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life-wp

7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life

    People approach prayer differently. You may prefer exploring it for yourself, or go with a plan. Whatever it is, here are 7 tips to a better prayer life:

    3 Steps to Gain a Simplified Life

    3 Steps to Gain a Simplified Life

      More stuff does not equate better living; it is only more stuff. Freedom from the stress of stuff is found in these three steps to gain a simplified life.

      Gaining Control of Your Mail

        One thing we all have in common, no matter how organized we are, is what to do with our mail. Here some advice to gain control of your mail.

        Organize Like An Athlete

          Like with these Olympians, many of the things you and I do in our lives just takes practice. We can improve our organization like an athlete.

          Organize Your Move

            Moving is a great way to get rid of the clutter we have been carrying. Get rid of anything you rarely use or don’t want anymore. You can organize your move.