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3 Steps to Gain a Simplified Life

    3 Steps to Gain a Simplified Life

    Most people have trouble getting organized because there is always a fear that they will need those items cluttering their home. To battle this fear, people need to gain commitment to live simply. More stuff does not equate better living; it is only more stuff. It is more stuff to keep up with, more stuff to move, more stuff to trip on. Freedom from this stress is found in these three steps to gain a simplified life.

    1. Everything you have is a gift from God.

    If you believe that you are the only one who takes care of you, you will constantly be hoarding stuff. You resources are limited, so you may never see this thing again. If you believe that everything you have is a gift from God, you will believe that He can provide you more if you need it later.

    2. God can take care of what you have.

    How many of us have stored a second pair of a something for that just in case moment? Sure storing a second roll of tape is not going to break you, but what if you are storing a spare hubcap? Let’s stop taking pride in our clutter by giving it pet names as resourceful. We can’t keep everything we possibly might need. Let’s trust God to take care of what we have and His willingness to provide if we need something we don’t have.

    3. Lend generously to others.

    The best way to trust God to take care of you is to lend what you have to others.  This goes beyond having a yard sale, this is allowing your neighbor borrow your weed eater. Give a bag of groceries to someone in need. Loan out your books and movies. The best part of this step is that you start to value relationships over stuff. That’s when you start to experience some of the joys of freedom.

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