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PRAY Method by Pete Grieg

PRAY Method by Pete Greig

    The PRAY Method was developed by Pete Greig of the 24/7 prayer movement. This method gives a wonderful process to enhance and empower your prayers.

    Work out of rest

    How Do You Work Out of Rest?

      If want to work out of rest, you have to spend time with Jesus. He’ll change your perspective, extend your time & resources, and give supernatural results.

      Does Work Have to Be This Hard?

      Does Work Have to Be This Hard?

        Work was cursed, but every curse was placed upon Jesus so we didn’t have to live under it. If it’s not cursed, then does God intend us to work this hard?

        5 Ways to Find God

        5 Ways to Find God

          Too often we don’t notice when God has moved to something else or is no longer with us. If you feel alone from God, try these 5 ways to find God:

          God Doesn't Want You Passive

          God Does Not Want You Passive

            Rest is God’s presence. This is the secret of not getting ahead of God. When His presence moves, we move. We must keep a watchful eye on His presence.

            Where is the Rest Jesus Promised

            Where is the Rest Jesus Promised?

              The problem with rest is that we have the definition wrong. We think rest is doing nothing. Jesus defined rest as doing only what He saw His Father doing.