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benefits of prayer

The Greatest Benefit of Prayer

Prayer reminds us that He is always with us, He hasn’t left us, and He wants to take care of us. The greatest benefit of prayer is we remember that God is close.

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Kids Love God For Themselves

Leading Your Kids To Love God For Themselves

We take our kids to church, pray with them before bed, and maybe read them the Bible. But, what does it really take to get them to love God for themselves?

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Safeguard Against Failure

Your Safeguard Against Failure

The reason that vulnerability and relationships are our safeguards against failure is that we need to share these things we feel are true in order to find freedom from them.

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Christian Leaders Falling

Why Are Christian Leaders Falling?

This article is not to point any fingers at the Christian leaders who have fallen, but really to try to pull out something that would prevent future scandals.

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discover how god made you

Incredible Tool for Discovering How God Made You

Awaken your heart by discovering how God made you. Make this coming year amazing by partnering with God and engaging in what He has put in you.

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Pray for Missionaries Christmas

Pray for Missionaries This Christmas

Don’t feel sorry for these missionaries; just be mindful of them and pray a little extra on their behalf. By this, you will also help spread the gospel.

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Give Thanks in All Things

How to Give Thanks in All Things

Things happen in life that makes us sad. Giving thanks in all things doesn’t remove our grief, it positions us to see the goodness of God coming from it.

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Loving God Send People to Hell

How Can a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?

One of the biggest problems that people who don’t know God have with Him is figuring out how a loving God can send anyone to hell.

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Christians Embrace Halloween

Should Christians Embrace Halloween?

Some Christians condemn Halloween, some create a family-friendly harvest festival, and others will embrace Halloween completely. How should you navigate it?

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Powerful Caregiver Review

How to Maintain Your Power While Caring For Others

You are making a positive change, and these tools will give you confidence in your area of service. Find out more about the Academy of Powerful Caregivers.

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Religious About Worship

4 Clues You May Be Religious About Worship

True worship is often misunderstood among the religious. Here are four clues from the Bible that show if you may be religious about worship:

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Simple Statement of Faith

What I Believe

For the growing community that gave me their confidence by following this blog and for those that need to hear God is for them, here is what I believe.

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