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Joshua's prayers answered

How Joshua Got His Prayer Answered

    Joshua didn’t give a knee-jerk prayer. He looked for God’s heart, connected with Him there, and was awarded with his prayers answered. How can we apply this?

    how we can recognize Jesus

    How Can We Recognize Jesus?

      I think it is reassuring that the disciples had to learn to recognize the resurrected Jesus. It reveals to us the way we can know Him.

      Marriage Blessing and Tips

      A Marriage Blessing and Tips

        I have loved being married and hope similar enjoyment for you. Here are a marriage blessings and 10 tips to help your journey.

        Prayers of the Apostle Paul

        43 Biblical Prayers of the Apostle Paul

          Since the Apostle Paul gave us the majority of the New Testament epistles, we can learn a lot from his teachings on prayer and the prayers he left for us to read.

          How to Pray Prayers that Make an Impact

          How to Pray Prayers That Make an Impact

            We’ve to get beyond asking for just comfort and pleasure if we want to have impactful prayers. This is a part of a sermon by Bill Johnson of Bethel church.