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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : The Importance of Reading to Your Children – A Christian Perspective

The Importance of Reading to Your Children – A Christian Perspective

    The Importance of Reading to Your Child

    How Did We Believe in Santa Claus?

    How many of us believed in Santa Claus when we were kids? I know I did. It is ridiculous. Some guy lives in the North Pole making presents with his little elf friends. Every year his flying deer take him to every home to deliver those presents to every kid around the world in one night.

    Kids will believe just about anything an adult will tell them. This is exaggerated by the fact that Santa sleigh is led by a deer with a red lightbulb as a nose.

    Kids Generally Believe What Adults Tell Them

    As parents, we understand the impressionable nature of our children’s hearts and minds. Psychological studies have also indicated this. In the Psychological Science journal, Vikram K. Jaswal claims, “Children have developed a specific bias to believe what they’re told. It’s sort of a short cut to keep them from having to evaluate what people say. It’s useful because most of the time parents and caregivers tell children things that they believe to be true.”

    When I was in China, there was a missionary family that wanted their young children to get used to the culture and quickly learn the language. They decided to put their children into a Chinese school for a year (one was in kindergarten; the other was close in age) to speed up this process. This did help their language learning, but for years afterward, they struggled with re-educating their kids away from the anti-God philosophy of communism back to their own Christian morals and beliefs.

    Children are impressionable and will easily take on the beliefs and worldview of the adults in their lives.

    The Power of Shared Reading

    “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6  

    Reading with our children from a young age is one of the most powerful ways to set them on the right path. Through shared reading, we can introduce them to uplifting stories, valuable life lessons, and the love of God. Stories ignite the flames of imagination in our children’s hearts. They will dream of themselves as heroes of their story, knowing that anything God stirs in their hearts is possible is possible with Him.

    The Israelites were instructed to teach their children the ways of the Lord and incorporate the teaching into everyday life (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). God was to be so incorporated in their thoughts and minds that He would overflow into normal conversation with their children. It wasn’t just a one-time talk or pawned off to the priest on Sabbath; parents were to teach their kids their values.

    When we read Bible stories and faith-based books together, we create a foundation of faith that will remain with them throughout their lives. Every story becomes an opportunity to discuss God’s love, grace, and wisdom. Those stories stick with them and provide a foundation for God to weave His personal story with them.

    Focus on the Family has a good article on How to Teach Your Kids to Read the Bible that take your through reading and discussing with your children.

    Build a Christian Perspective Through Reading With Your Child

    In a world full of conflicting ideas and beliefs, we must be vigilant in guarding our children’s hearts. Proverbs 4:23 wisely counsels, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” By actively engaging in reading with our children, we can counteract negative influences and equip them with the discernment to navigate life’s challenges.

    When we read aloud to our children, our voices become vessels of encouragement, love, and affirmation. Through the pages of the Bible and Christian books, we can show them that they are cherished and capable of great things. Reading together also fosters shared experiences and a stronger connection than just watching television.

    As Christian parents, we possess an extraordinary tool to mold the hearts and minds of our children – the power of reading. By spending quality time immersed in books together, we create a lasting bond with them, nurturing their dreams and cultivating a Christ-centered worldview. As we share stories of triumph, kindness, and faith, we impart valuable life lessons that will guide them throughout their journey.

    Let us cherish the precious moments of shared reading, knowing that each story brings us closer to our children’s hearts and to the heart of God. May the power of reading become a beacon of hope and inspiration, guiding our children to become compassionate, empathetic, and wise individuals who shine brightly in a world that needs their light. Remember, the pages of a book can hold the keys to a future filled with love, faith, and purpose for your children.

    The importance of reading with your children to pass on your Christian beliefs is why my wife and I wrote the children's book series, Dumpling & Friends. In this heartwarming series, young readers will learn about the power of prayer, the closeness of God, and how life with Him can be an adventure. Each book is filled with adventures with Dumpling the Panda, lovable friends, and delightful illustrations that capture the imagination and inspire the soul. Get copies for your family and those your love.

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