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How to Bring Revival

How To Bring Revival

How do we bring revival to America? to Australia? to Europe? to China? Do we want it? What will it look like? Here are four steps to bring revival. Related Post I Have Stilled and Quieted My Soul What Does Jesus Think About You? – Part 1 Seek God for Healing 2 Ways to Add […]

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Protect Orphan Girls from Human Trafficking in China

Protect Orphan Girls from Human Trafficking

We are starting the business to help protect orphan girls from human trafficking by giving them jobs that will keep them off the streets. Related Post Pray for Daughters of Cambodia Perplexed About Prayer Unlikely Heroes – Help Those Caught in Sex T… Islam Rally On Capital Hill – Prayer Alert

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Vibrant Prayer Life

Origin of a Vibrant Prayer Life

I’ve been thinking about what has encouraged me most in my prayer life, and I would have to say it has been the presence of a prayer partner. Related Post Jesus Didn’t Add “If It’s God&#8… Do You Believe God Answers Prayer? How to Stop Imagining Things 2 Ways to Have Daily Declarations

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Anticipating Good Things

To know God intimately is to be full of hope for a bright future and full of faith to see it realized. It is the death of fear as a motivation in your life. Related Post God’s Way is Joy Why We Exalt Him 5 Reasons We Focus on Original Sin God Gave You a […]

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