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prayer comments

Joshua's prayers answered

How Joshua Got His Prayer Answered

    Joshua didn’t give a knee-jerk prayer. He looked for God’s heart, connected with Him there, and was awarded with his prayers answered. How can we apply this?

    Preparing for God's Next Season

    Preparing for God’s Next Season

      God is not being tossed to the side waiting for a chance to get back into the discussion. He cares about our world. How do we prepare for God’s next season?

      How to Pray Prayers that Make an Impact

      How to Pray Prayers That Make an Impact

        We’ve to get beyond asking for just comfort and pleasure if we want to have impactful prayers. This is a part of a sermon by Bill Johnson of Bethel church.

        is the church essential

        Is the Church Essential?

          Given the response of many churches, we should question whether the church is essential. What’s going on and when will the church arise and become relevant?