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where we go one we go all

Where We Go One We Go All

    God’s words to us are a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path I believe that more than ever, the church needs to get a unified voice. WWG1WGA

    You have to love yourself

    You Have to Love Yourself

      God doesn’t love others more than you; He doesn’t love you more than others. His love is massive enough for all of us to enjoy. So, please love yourself.

      Forgiven Much Loves Much explained

      He Who Is Forgiven Much, Loves Much

        When Jesus says that those forgiven much, love much, we almost think it better to have left some terrible lifestyle, so we can love Jesus all the more. No!

        Safeguard Against Failure

        Your Safeguard Against Failure

          The reason that vulnerability and relationships are our safeguards against failure is that we need to share these things we feel are true in order to find freedom from them.


          There is Still Good in Them

            Jesus didn’t come to remove the evil and put in the good; He came to remove the evil so that the good could fully shine. There is still good in them.