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Friends Help You Know God as Your Friend


    People Want to be Your Friend

    As people who love God, you will always have others in your life who are going through struggles and looking to you as a sounding board and listening ear. It is a way we express our kind and compassionate Heavenly Father. God sends people to us, so we can show them that they are important and valued.

    Because of their pain, often these people are needy and only focused on themselves and their issues. We are to minister love to them because they are important, but we can’t conclude that they are our close friends. That will only lead to hinder our view of ourselves.

    You Are Not Unimportant

    It is easy as lovers of people to get so focused on helping others that we forget that we also are important. When you surround yourself with people who only talk about themselves and never ask about you, your life becomes focused solely on others.

    Not acknowledging what is going on with you, leads you to think you are not important. By not sharing about yourself, you are not allowing yourself to find people interested in you. You don’t want to focus solely on yourself, but neither should your friends think only of themselves… if they are to be friends.

    God Knows He Put Value in You

    God created you because He thought you were important. He knew you would bring something of value to add to His world. We need friends that will draw those treasures out of us.

    Friends want what is best for each other. You will want to minister to your friends reminding them who they are, what they can do, and rejoicing or crying with them. True friends will do the same for you.

    God is Looking for Friends

    When it comes to prayer, God is looking for the same type of friends. He will always listen to your heart, remind you of how valuable you are, and allow you to take the spotlight. But, will we do this for God? Will we listen to His heart or will we just only tell Him what is going on with us? He wants us to be His friends.

    This week in prayer take time to ask God what is on His heart. This is the source of true intercession and powerful prayers. As we listen to Him, we get to know what He wants to do in our world. Then we have confidence in our prayers that He will give us what He was wanting to do.

    We All Need Friends

    Look for true friends in your life because God has them available for you. Become true friends to others and it will draw more people to you. Develop your friendship with God because that is what you were created for.

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