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What's the meaning of Christmas?

What’s the Meaning of Christmas?

    Christians always try to tell the meaning of Christmas as a Gospel message. It takes out the beauty by making people a project. How did Jesus treat people?

    Sacrifice with Joy

    Sacrifice with Joy

      Love demands sacrifice, but sacrifice out of duty will not keep you motivated. Let’s learn to sacrifice with joy. There is a reward we’re moving to.

      The Parable of the Sower Revisited

        In the parable of the sower, there is power in the seed. The Bible says this is the message of the kingdom, which is bigger than just the salvation message.

        Book of Philemon explained

        What is the Book of Philemon About?

          Philemon was a personal letter from Paul to a friend asking to forgive a slave. Why was it kept in the Bible? What is the book of Philemon about, really?

          How to Make a Good Confession

          How to Make a Good Confession

            The Bible says we are to confess, but what is the objective? Are we just agreeing to our mistakes? Jesus shows us how to make a good confession.

            The Centrality of Love

            The Centrality of Love

              Let’s not overload Christianity with too many rules. Instead let’s focus on the centrality of love, both towards God and others.

              2 Truths to Revolutionize Your Prayers

                Prayers of many Christians are being held back because of lies they believe. Revolutionize your prayers with these two truth and add life to your prayers.

                10 Things to Pray for Your Marriage

                10 Things to Pray for Your Marriage

                  Marriage can be the most wonderful gift from God, yet fear and pain pulls us apart. God wants to help. Here are some ways to pray for your marriage.

                  Jesus Culture and David Crowder Band

                  How He Loves Us – Battling Versions

                    The worship song, How He Loves Us, has two versions: a sloppy wet kiss & an unforeseen kiss. You may prefer the one you heard first, but what do they mean?


                    What Do You See?

                      I don’t believe God is angry and looking to punish sin. I believe God is loving and looks to bless. This affects how I view others, myself, and life.

                      Beginning to Look Like Christmas

                      A Season of Love

                        Christmas is a beautiful holiday. Love fills the air because the spirit of Jesus is woven into its fabric. Love can change the world.