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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : friendship


How to Love Yourself

How I Came to Love Myself

    To those of us who haven’t easily loved ourselves, doing so hasn’t been easy. Everything we see seems to prove we are unworthy of love. How do we change?

    Am I Gods Friend or Servant

    Am I God’s Friend or Servant?

      Do we start off as a slave or servant of God than you work your way up to a friend or lover of God? Where am I now? Am I God’s friend or servant?

      Grow Your Friendships

      An Easy Way to Grow Your Friendships

        People love others that believe in them. These are the best friends. He who has the greatest faith in me will have the greatest impact on my life.

        Vibrant Prayer Life

        Origin of a Vibrant Prayer Life

          I’ve been thinking about what has encouraged me most in my prayer life, and I would have to say it has been the presence of a prayer partner.

          Let Them Know You Care

            Have your relationships gotten into a rut? Take the time to encourage the people around you and let them know how much you value and appreciate them!

            Nurture Your Friendships

              Don’t take your friends for granted; relationships need to be nurtured. Ensure you make your friendships an important priority.