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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : forgiveness


Forgiven Much Loves Much explained

He Who Is Forgiven Much, Loves Much

    When Jesus says that those forgiven much, love much, we almost think it better to have left some terrible lifestyle, so we can love Jesus all the more. No!

    make you smarter

    A Simple Trick to Make You Smarter

      In our anger and unforgiveness, we often make unwise agreements that are more detrimental to us than the other person. This simple trick will help you change and make you smarter.

      Book of Philemon explained

      What is the Book of Philemon About?

        Philemon was a personal letter from Paul to a friend asking to forgive a slave. Why was it kept in the Bible? What is the book of Philemon about, really?

        The Greatest Enemy of Love

        The Greatest Enemy of Love

          Loving others is more important to God than you being wronged. We are to go to God for our comfort and allow Him to protect us. He is a good father.

          God is Not Looking to Punish You

            Are we honoring God saying the ramifications of our decisions are too great an obstacle for His cross? God is not looking to punish you; He wants to love.


            Embrace the Mistakes

              God removed the shame of sin so we may be free. Free to move past our mistakes. Free to focus on what God wants us to focus on… our relationship with Him.

              Love the Bully and Victim-bg

              God Loves the Bully and the Victim

                Can God love one without hating the other and still maintain justice? He has a huge heart of love for each person. Can we release others into His grace?