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What are You Afraid to Ask God

What Are You Afraid to Ask God For?

    If you do not see God is good, you will not ask Him for things you care about. If you are afraid He will not come through, you will not persevere in prayer.

    IHOP Allyson Prior

    Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior

      Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior has had a great effect stirring up devotion in me personally as I have listened to it repeatedly. I hope it blesses you.

      Ways to Cure Doubt

      Guaranteed Cure for Doubt

        John was at Jesus’ baptism, saw the dove descend on Jesus, heard the voice. Why does John now doubt? Here are 2 ways Jesus will cure doubt for John and us.

        Where Is God? – Dr John Townsend

          Finally, I enjoyed how Townsend stresses being connected to others. We are not meant to go it alone. We need the body of Christ, and when we face hardships, this is no less true. This book will be helpful for those struggling, but probably even more for those coming alongside those who are in hardships.

          EM Bounds Quotes

          Prayer Quotes – E.M. Bounds

            Learn from a great prayer saint. Get motivated by these 40 E.M. Bounds quotes on prayer. Like these? Then grab the free PDF with 100 more prayer quotes from E.M. Bounds.

            Prayer Quotes – Bill Bright

              God does not require you to have great faith. You simply are to have faith in a great God. – Check out more Bill Bright quotes to enlarge your faith.


              50+ Mark Batterson Quotes

                Mark Batterson the author of several books on prayer. Here are several quotes that will encourage and challenge your connection with God. Request a free PDF of 91 Mark Batterson Quotes on prayer.

                how to give thanks

                How to Give Thanks

                  Don’t be discouraged or stressed by how to give thanks, just allow your gratitude for all He has done for you freely flow out of you. God will be pleased.


                  Giving Thanks By Faith

                    What causes people in the midst of extreme pain to respond with thanks? Only a person living by the Spirit can we draw the power and love necessary.

                    15 Corrie ten Boom Quotes

                      “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” – Check out these 15 inspired Corrie ten Boom.

                      God Works for Good

                      God Works All Things For Good

                        How do we interpret life? Life is had and bad things happen. Still we have to hold fast to the truth that God works all things for good!