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Here We Go Again

    Here We Go Again

    Have you ever had God teach you the same lesson over again?

    My wife and I move a lot and every time we have some major thing go wrong. This time as I watched it happen again, I asked God what He was trying to teach me.

    Let me give you an example of what kind of things have happened. Most of the time we have moved ourselves, and the issue had been with the moving truck. We often spend the morning of moving day finding where the companies have placed the truck that said they reserved for us (“Sure anyone can take a reservation…”). The most memorable move was when the company gave us a truck that had very worn breaks. We had to drive it 90 miles to the company’s repair center to get them fixed. Luckily I only ran one light due to not being able to stop and there were no accidents.

    On one move we were given the wrong date to move in. We sold our house then were told that our new house would not be ready for another month. Therefore we had to find temporary housing for that month.

    Each time God provided for us during the difficulties, yet each time it was a frustrating experience. Why does our move need to be stressful because of others negligence?

    This time around we decided to have moving company do the move. Taking kids cross country was enough of an adventure that we did not want to add driving a moving truck. Everything was lined up, the date was promised by the moving company, and again the movers did not show. We had to fly cross country with all of our stuff still in the house.

    God, what are you really trying to teach us through this?

    In the past I had pushed back on the companies that faltered in their promises, and each time I had received some sort of compensation for the mistakes that were made. I was all geared up to follow the same path again, but as I prayed I felt that above it all I needed to focus on displaying the fruit of the Spirit. But what about compensation? Allow Me to compensate you. I want you to focus on displaying trust in Me.

    It is now a week later. Our stuff is on a moving truck somewhere. I know it was picked up, but I still do not know when it will be delivered. And, for now, I’m ok with that. God is good. And, I have to admit, holding it loosely is more peaceful.

    What are the difficult circumstances that God keeps taking you through? Does He have something to teach you through them?

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