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Offering Hope and Future to Orphans

Orphans naturally feel unwanted. They feel that have no past and no future. The best to hope for is to get by. We want to give them a hope and a future. Related Post God May Want Me – Does Anyone Else? Intimacy Creates New Life – How to Naturally…

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Have Some Regard for Human Frailty

We talk about red flags, blind spots, and trouble areas. Freedom in Christ scares us. Failure scares us even more. We need some regard for human frailty. Related Post Why Do You Think God Cannot Use You? Jesus Is So In Love With You God Laughs At Our Plans Why Is Following God So Hard?

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Jesus Prayed That We Would Be One

Jesus prayed that we would be one, yet we get caught up with denominations that tend to create barriers between Christians. How do we come together? Related Post How Can God Make Good Out of This? The Fear of the Lord is Just the Beginning Have Some Regard for Human Frailty What You May Have […]

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Killing Insects

Jesus, help us to love and build bridges instead of killing others because we personally don’t like what they do. Help us to pray according to your desires for people and our world. Related Post You Will Reap What You Sow! God Does Not Want You Passive The Power of Forgiveness Are We Blessed Only […]

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